bettinger studio

meet the artist //

Capturing moments in time through light, Richard Bettinger has emerged in an honest way as a skilled photographer and master of visual artistry. From the very beginnings Bettinger developed a foundation that resulted in an original technique experimenting with light and reflection to create contemporary, energized works that capture the imagination.

While refining his style, his work has garnered awards and recognition, but it is the artist’s authentic approach to fine art photography that has resulted in his work being sought after for its pure uniqueness, honesty and power. Elevating his technique from original film photography by embracing new technologies, Bettinger today combines the dynamic union of digital and inspiration that translates into collections of energy-infused art in electrifyingly natural color.

This new medium suited his desire to capture the reflection of life instead of its reality. You see it in his light against darkness, fire against water and in finding beauty in the contrasts that the visual world presents. Nothing is what it seems. Nothing is linear even though the visual may contain lines.

Richard Bettinger’s work is currently represented throughout the United States, and can be found in private and commercial collections throughout the world.